Friday, September 14, 2012

A little more

Everyone is probably a little tired about talking food. I am an information gatherer so I love to inquire and get insights into how people make things work in their lives. A couple of more things regarding food and then I will move onto other things next week.
1. Planning. It is super hard to change on a whim. Sset yourself up for success by planning for it. Mentally plan your food for the day when you get up so you don't grab a candy bar for lunch because you didn't make time to prepare a good meal. Prepare a list of healthy snacks and put it on the fridge so that you can skim that when you feel hungry. You can even go as far as making snacks bag for the go. If you are a super busy person than portion out your veggies or crackers or whatever into smaller bags so you can quick throw them in your purse as you head out the door.
2. A tool that has helped me is a website called eMeals. It is a menu planner. It is $5 a month and you get a 7-day dinner meal plan. I LOVE this site. I came across the site because I was struggling trying to find dinners to make for my carb-conscious hubby. My thinking when we first got married was 'how can you not have carbs with a meal?' My answer came by way of this website. You can choose a menu-plan that works best for your family. There is low-carb, low-fat, clean eating, gluten free, etc. I didn't use every recipe for the week. I used it like a supplement to my own stuff. The recipes were super easy with minimal ingredients. We have actually found some new favorite things to eat because of it. If you are struggling with what to make for dinner I would check this site out. At one time I had a monthly menu. I am so much more likely to cook at home when I have something down on paper that I can follow.
3. Ask people around you. If there is someone at work or church that is super fit or has lost weight, ask them questions. Find out what has worked for them.
Good luck!

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