Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What to eat....

That seems to be the question of the day, everyday, in my house! I loved Alicia's post below... I too am a "MyFitnessPal groupie", and love every gosh darn thing about it. I have lost 25lbs that way, and hope to continue! What I love about counting calories is that I can still have my loved Peanut M&M's. However, I know that just a few of them carry a lot more calories than an apple for example. So counting calories allows me to make better choices knowing that if I chose something on the healthy side, I can have a lot more of it. So in the spirit of making good eating choices, and that nagging "what to eat" question, here are a few of my favorite go-to snacks that make me feel like I am getting someething super wonderful without the calorie guilt:)

1. Any celery lovers out there (I understand it is not for everyone), but if you are a fan then here you go! Grab a couple sticks of celery, slap on some 35 calorie wedge Laughing Cow cheese, sprinkle a little Lowery's Season Salt, wrap in low fat turkey. This is so yummy! This is a staple lunch for me most days!

2. Breakfast is a tricky one for me because my mornings (who am I kidding, my entire day) are CRAZY! But, I know that if I eat a good breakfast I am more inclined to eat better throughout the day. My fav breakfast by far is as simple as it gets. 2 Eggo Whole Grain Waffles with a container of lite yougurt on top! YUM-O! I honestly feel like I am getting something so creamy and bad for me, but it's major good!

3. My beloved Sugarfree Fudgsicles... whatever would I do without you. Grab 2 of those bad boys for only 80 calories. It really is heaven when you are on a diet:)

4. My all time favorite, low calorie, late night snack.....POPCORN! Jolly Time Healthy Pop White Popcorn is my popcorn of choice. LOVE!!! And so darn low in calories, sometimes I really eat the whole bag:)

So there you have it! Diets do not have to be miserable. There are plenty of things to enjoy.

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  1. Nice! I love the fudgsicles too! 40 calories a pop is awesome!
    Popcorn is my go-to as well. We love PopSecret Homestyle. It has 30 calories a cup!